Best Relationship Tip Ever? Pay Attention to Your Partner!

It’s easy to get into a rut. Sometimes we take the people we love the most for granted. They deserve the biggest part of our attention, but we frequently find ourselves giving them the least. This is incredibly common. It seems life just gets in the way. With so many distractions, it can seem impossible to get it right.If you’re finding yourself nodding along as you’re reading this, then you’re in the right spot. It seems like everyone has some love advice they’re eager to share. But what is truly the best relationship tip to help you turn this situation around? Pay attention to your partner!

Putting the Best Relationship Tip Into Practice

. Have a Daily Conversation: 

With the responsibilities of being an adult in a fast-paced world, it can be hard to stop and talk, and, especially, to listen. Communication is at the heart of a successful relationship, though. Without it, it is easy to can distant and eventually lose touch.

Make a point to stop at least one time a day. Look at your partner and converse with him or her. Talk about your feelings, frustrations, or ambitions on that particular day. This is not a time to brief each other on the family schedule. It’s a time to share your emotions, your worries, your joys.

It’s going to be your choice to reach out for your partner and not your phone, the remote, or another distraction. You’ll be amazed how this daily focus can zone in on your wants and needs. Positive communication can help maintain the living connection between the two of you.

2. Make Small Gestures in a Big Way:

You know your partner well by now. From her favorite candy bar to his adoration of salted pretzels, you’ve got it memorized. Why not use this information to breath new life into your relationship?

Making small, spontaneous gestures will voice your emotions loud and clear. While running errands, pick up a special little gift for your partner. On your way home from work, snap a picture of something she’d enjoy. These small gestures don’t have to be lavish. They just need to be personal.

If you made the same gestures to anyone else they would be meaningless. To your partner, they are priceless. It may cost you time, brainpower, and a couple of bucks, but the outcome is worth far more than the cost.

3. Make Time for Intimacy:

Intimacy is more than sex, but it does include the act of lovemaking. Going out for a date night or even making dinner together are great ways to set time aside for your relationship. The point of being intimate is to focus on each other. 

Silence the distractions and have fun with each other like you did when you were dating.

The rigors of daily duties can weigh on both your shoulders. Without some downtime, your relationship may start to feel the weight as well. By setting aside time for intimacy, you grant yourselves and your relationship a haven.

4. Listen and Look:

Listen to her as she tells you about her day. Look at how nice he looks in his favorite shirt. Notice what is important to your partner and make it important to you. It may not be enjoyable to listen to him talk about last night’s game, but do it because you love him. You are not thrilled with the actual game. You are thrilled about making your partner feel validated. Whether you notice her new hairstyle or not, notice her. Make sure she sees that she caught your attention. These nonverbal ways of reaching out can go a long way.

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